I m I

My name is Mattia Fregola, I am an Italian designer with a real passion for creativity, analogy, problem solving, cognitive processes, humour, evolutionary biology, sustainability, visual perception, logic, consciousness, education, technology and more generally anything that can be learnt.

I lived in Rome and started studying Psychology and Marketing until my brain cells collapsed into those of an Australian girl, which led me to move there for almost four years.

In Brisbane I completed my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design at CATC college, as well as experienced a few different jobs and after a long wait (serving tables in a restaurant) I’ve become a chef.

Came back to Italy in 2011 to expand my studies in Industrial Design at ISIA Faenza, in the meantime working as a graphic designer, co-founding a 3D printing company, trying to make the world a better place together with the Australian girl who, in the meantime, decided to marry me.

After finishing my Bachelor degree with the research thesis ‘Il non metodo creativo‘ I have happily completed a semester at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

I have graduated with my Master's Degree 'Amber' while finishing my Internship at the most wonderful life academy DHPH + Maarten Baas in The Netherlands.

My latest workshops and conferences have been presented at Winona State University in the US, where I was a finalist to be responsible for the new Design Hub in Winona, as well as at John Cabot University in Rome and at TIM #WCAP Accelerator, in Rome.

I have been collaborating with Storymatch for the past two years, before to move permanently to Australia in April '17 where I have been working with COX Architecture, and teaching Integrated Visual Systems at Raffles College.

My latest adventure started at Deputy in December '17, where I am Senior Experience Designer. I am also teaching Design Thinking Bootcamps at General Assembly in Sydney.

In my free time I row row row the boat gently down the stream, and hunt for Cellular Automata number sequences – where my highest (and proudest) success is a contribution in the link section of the A080674 OEIS number sequence.

I lately grew fond of reading. Here are my (English) book consumption habits.